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for all of those who love steven tyler as much as i do

i am sick of people talking crap about steven tyler

Posted By Brittany Williams on May 26, 2012 at 2:20PM



ok, this is what i am sick of. when i go to google and look up steven tyler i get abunch of results talking crap about him. all kinda crap saying he is ugly, weird, creepy, pedophile, and all other sorts of mess that makes me mad to talk about.

ok first thing is first. he AINT, and i repeat, AINT a damn pedophile. people wanna go around saying that he is cause back in his past he was with a 14 year old girl. ok, about that, in the decade that it happened she was old enough and there was no law broken, drop it people, its in the past so get over it. i dont hear that many people talking about jerry lee lewis for doing it in a way worse way, that girl was 13 if i remember right AND she was his cousin. now if you ask me that was worse, steven at least didnt have sex with his family members.

now to the american idol subject, he is charming, sexy, and funny. he was probably trying to give them compliments to make them feel more confident and better to preform easier. humor and compliments relieve social tension. proven fact. with him making beat box sounds for the girl dancing in the audition that was all in good fun. he was trying to lighten up and have a good time, thats it. dont over analyze the situation. you'll give yourself a migrane. it was NOTHING!!! and him giving compliments and joking around it wasn't anything bad that he was doing. lots of people give compliments and dont get the whole internet talking smack about them. if there was a blog or a site talking about each and every person individually who has commented on someones looks the net would be loaded and not many people would care to even read them. guess why.......did you guess??? here is the answer on why for those of you who didn't get it. BECAUSE HE IS FAMOUS!!!! HELLOOOO!!!! no one cares about the daily life of some regular jack off from off the street who isn't world wide known of. so thats why people are trying to make it seem like steven tyler is some horrible person.

for those of you who say he is ugly, screw you you jealous looser. he is way better looking than some people can even hope to be. look at some other man his age and compare the looks, steven has a nice full head of beautiful hair, good looks, awesome personality, fun way about him, and is such a tallented singer who deserves some respect. for him to be getting girls like me in their 20's still calling him sexy and wishing to get the cahnce to be with him or meet him is far from ugly....OK.

now here is the subject of drug usage. do you know how many people there are in the world who have or currently use drugs??? the number is astoundingly high. they dont need to be made fun of, laughed at, bashed on the internet, or have people all the sudden treat them like shit. they need a bit of a boost and some help to get on the right path. he was like many others dealing with the stress of drugs. when he relapsed it was nothing out of the ordinary, people relapse all the time. but because it was steven tyler people made a big deal about it. lay off and give the guy a break.

people wanna talk about him with groupies. so what, he wat with groupies before, there is only a handfull of famous folk who didn't get their share of fun with a groupie or two. i also hear people talk crap cause he has kids with different women, so what, thats how a lot of families are these days. relationships end due to what ever reason and most people dont stay single for the rest of their lives after breaking up with someone, there is a lot of people in the world who have had kids with other people and then got with someone else. its nothing to cause a big uproar over. so quit fussing over it.

if anyone else has something negative to say about steven tyler i WANT you to write me and tell me. I WANT YOU TO. so i can tell you how much of a low life you are for talking crap about someone for their life choices that have nothing to do with you or about the petty little things you have to say about him that are no big deal but you over analyzed it so much that you have convinced your self that he is a horrible person. all of you need to stop looking into things so much and lighten up. and FYI no matter what any of you steven tyler haters have to say it will not and i repeat NOT get me to quit loving steven tyler. i would love to meet him one day or get to talk with him in real conversation with no papparazzi invading, weather it be email or phone, or even better, in person. that would be the highlight of my life, to get to know the real him. ^_^

groupie stories

Posted By Brittany Williams on May 25, 2012 at 6:13PM

want to see if your favorite singer has any groupie stories on the net? check out this site, i found this site on the net when browsing groupie sories of my favorite star steven tyler. ;) this one is a good, gotta check it out. ;)


my steven tyler dream. and along with it is a photo of me and 'steven tyler' lol. ;)

Posted By Brittany Williams on May 25, 2012 at 6:04PM
my steven tyler dream. and along with it is a photo of me and 'steven tyler' lol.  ;)
in this dream my bed and stuff in my bedroom were all at the beach arranged like the would be if still in my room and for some reason there was still a light switch floating there that controled how bright it was. there was a little boat in front of me that pulled up and steven tyler was in it. he got out of the boat and sat on my bed with me. i kept trying to get him to take off his clothes, get naked, and have sex with me. but all i made it to in this sexy dream was kissing and light touching. wish it would have went further but my phone rang and woke me up. :( i hate mt phone now for what it did. lol. but i think this dream was trying to tell me something. that i wanna have sex on the beach with steven tyler. ;) enjoy my steven tyler dream and photo. ^_^

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